All’attenzione del Segretario Generale dell’ONU #voisapete

All’attenzione del Segretario Generale dell’ONU #voisapete

To the attention of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres,

Mr. Guterres,
I’m Giuseppe Civati, former member of the Italian Parliament. One of the issues I had to face during my term and with the party I founded, Possibile, is of course the migration phenomenon. Our parliamentary group strongly opposed, and is still opposing, the inhuman policies our country (but really the whole European Union) is enforcing.
Far from a legitimate solution to this rather complex issue, our governments time and again chose to remove the problem from our borders, and our seas, to “outsource” it to Lybia.
The leaders of our continent sweeped the whole migration phenomenon under the carpet, so to speak, unable or unwilling to find a humane solution.

But they know, we know, you know what is going on. Violence, torture, rape, slavery: this is what is happening, right now, in the detention camps in Lybia, as well as along the migration routes through Chad and Niger, just to speak of the African continent.

I wrote a book to denounce this crime against humanity, called “Voi sapete” (“you know”).
The United Nations have been a major player for the cause of the migrants and the refugees, and this particular crisis is no exception. It is also thanks to the UN that we know for sure what’s going on in Lybia. If we choose not to act, if we choose to remain silent, we can’t pretend we don’t know, as we did before in our history.

I would like to send you a copy of my book, hoping that you will be sympathetic to this fundamental cause and as a token of my support of the work the UN is doing for a humane solution of the migration phenomenon.

Respectfully, and with my best regards,

Giuseppe Civati

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